Silver Pendants

Silver two piece pendant
This two-piece pendant is joined using small links. It looks great with a black dress and could be worn on a special occasion.
Silver single stem textured flower garnet
See below for the saphire version. The flower is set with a small garnet and mounted on a delicate curved wire, which is curled at the end to form the bail.
Silver textured sunflower
This is a two-layer sunflower design, set with a central caberchon stone. The petals are textured (click the photo for a closer look).
Silver gem set flower pendant
This is a small version of my back-mounted flower pendant.
Silver gem set butterfly pendant
This is my very popluar butterfly design. This can be made with or without a stone.
Silver teardrop with gold hearts
Here I have used silver, but added an accent using a little gold in the shape of two cuddling hearts.
Silver flower pendant
The flower is mounted on a curved back piece. The stem has a single flower and one leave. The flower is made of two layers of petals and has a bobble of metal at the centre.
Silver single flower sapphire
This single-layer flower is set with a small saphire and mounted on a delicate curved wire, which is curled at the end to form the bail.
Silver Flowers
This isn't a great picture. This is a two-flower version of my flower pendant. The main body is curved out at the bottom and back at the top to form the bail. The two flowers are on a single stem.
Stone Set Swirl Pendant
The pendant is pierced into a spiral shape and set with a central stone.
Silver gem set tear drop
The tear-drop shape is domed to a smooth convex shape, which accentuates the shine of the metal. The bail is high up at the back, so the pendant hangs from its point.
Silver sunflower

This is a silver sunflower set with a carnealian cabochon.

Silver Rose
The rose is made of three layers of silver cut to resemble the stem, leaves and petals of the flower. Also available in gold.
Prices are shown as a guide and based on an average price. Actual prices depend on size of piece and choice of stone, metal, chain, etc.
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